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Our Quality Policy


PTCS is committed to delivering the best of people, team and change solutions. 


To that end we:


Continuously improve our team through review, and actively pursuing our own development with the intention of delivering even better services to our customers (metrics - CIPD)


Systematically promote the culture of continual quality improvements and the philosophy of getting things “right first time” (metrics - customer feedback, process improvements identified)


Rigorously, but proportionately, project management of all our work (metrics - project plans agreed and reviewed with customers)


Actively seek and encourage feedback from our customers on our quality of service because we are committed to our own continuous professional development and to evaluation that contributes to the development of future products and services (metrics - customer feedback, process improvements identified)


Review all of this quality process, its relevance and its impact will be systematic (metrics – regular senior management team review)


Benchmark ourselves against other industry providers


Implementation of this quality policy will be a specific and high priority agenda item for all management meetings, company briefings and induction procedures (metrics – records, examples).

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