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Our Corporate Social Responsibility


PTCS is committed to helping customers to deliver their objectives whilst respecting the interests of all our stakeholders: our people, our customers, our suppliers and the wider community.


The three areas of corporate social responsibility (CSR) at PTCS are:


  • Environment

  • Health and Safety

  • Human rights, employment and ethics.




PTCS is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment and encouraging those that it does business with to do the same. Our overall policy in this area can be found elsewhere.


Health and safety


PTCS recognises its health and safety duties and responsibilities and complies with the relevant health and safety legislation.  The Director, Mark Dean has overall responsibility for health and safety and a copy of our health and safety policy can be found elsewhere.


Human rights, employment and ethics


It is our policy to adhere to all legislation relating to employment rights and equal opportunities, but we seek to go much further by genuinely embracing  the diversity agenda (our diversity policy can be found elsewhere).We adhere to applicable laws regarding the freedom of employees to associate or bargain collectively without fear of discrimination.


We ensure that physical, verbal and psychological abuse, or sexual or other forms of harassment are not tolerated in our dealings with each other, with customers and with suppliers.We strive for a safe and secure workplace for us and our customers and promote good health and safety and environmental practices.


We behave with integrity and honesty in all our dealings. PTCS does not give or receive any bribes, extra contractual gratuities, inducements, facilitation fees or similar payments.


We implement a sustainable and socially responsible procurement policy that includes consideration of CSR in all tender evaluations.


We do not give to customers or business contacts, or allow our people to receive any gifts, whether in cash or kind, in excess of £100 in value.


PTCS does not donate (including sponsorship, subscriptions or provision of employee time or facilities) to any political party or similar organisation.


We ensure we purchase legal licences to all the software we use, and observe all protected copyright and intellectual property legislation. PTCS supports local charities and participates in a range of community activities, including partnering with BITC in the delivery of a series of volunteering activities. We will conduct an annual self-evaluation of our progress in implementing this strategy and update it where required.


Next Review: October 2020

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