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Our work, like our client base, is diverse.  To provide some insight into the type of work we undertake, here are some recent projects that we have been involved in ... 



PTCS was pleased to deliver a series of training events on best practice in regulation for the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority (now called the Malta Gaming Authority).


The mission of the Malta Gaming Authority mission is to: “regulate competently the various sectors of the gaming industry that fall under the Authority by ensuring gaming is fair and transparent to the players, preventing crime, corruption and money laundering and by protecting minor and vulnerable players.”


The MGA fuses the commercial needs of operators with a deep understanding of gaming legislation and practice.  As the single regulatory body responsible for the governance of all gaming activities in Malta, it is considered by many to be the preferred global remote gaming regulator.  The Authority presents a top-notch regulatory environment, coupled with technical capabilities, which allows it to offer a world class service


The week long programmes provided an overview of international developments in: how to address risk in regulation, how to protect the interests of consumers and players without imposing excessive burdens on business, effective regulatory enforcement, and raising regulatory standards.

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