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Our work, like our client base, is diverse.  To provide some insight into the type of work we undertake, here are some recent projects that we have been involved in ... 



PTCS is delighted to work with the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) on resilience issues.  

Well-being is a priority for the organisation.  FCO personnel can face many challenges: working in strange places, working at strange times, working on difficult issues, dealing with crises.  PTCS was invited to design and deliver a programme of workshops for the organisation.  The workshops were to examine what resilience looks like at organisation, team and individual level  ... with the main focus being on how individuals can develop and nurture their resilience. 


The programme we designed examines lifestyle, physical health, self consideration and support networks.  As experienced professional coaches in this area, our team draws upon the work of Martin Seligman, Viktor Frankl, Robert Sapolsky and others.  But it is the interactive mind mapping session where participants share and learn from others about what works for them that is consistently a highlight of the programme.

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