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Our work, like our client base, is diverse.  To provide some insight into the type of work we undertake, here are some recent projects that we have been involved in ... 



“Foreign policy is economic policy”. So said John Kerry at his confirmation hearing for the post of secretary of state in 2013.


And Sir Christopher Meyer, former British ambassador to the United States said “... it is increasingly difficult to distinguish between what is political in diplomacy and what is economic, and indeed, whether there is a dividing line between the two which has any validity at all”.


And so it was a pleasure to discuss these principles, and so much more, whilst facilitating an Economic Diplomacy programme for the young diplomats at the Emirates Diplomatic Academy in the United Arab Emirates.

The Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA) is a prestigious platform combining the best of academia, research and practice, equipping the UAE’s current and future diplomats with the knowledge and multi-disciplinary skills to effectively serve their nation.

The EDA has a fantastic facility in Abu Dhabi and is making a significant investment in the development of the UAE diplomatic resource.

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